South West Fairtrade

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Co-ordinator: Andy Hawkins
Tel: 07767 890900

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Do you believe in fair trade and trade justice? Are you worried about the erosion of human rights, here and abroad?


If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions, why not join us? We are always looking for new members, to increase our effectiveness and to give each other moral support. Many of our participants belong to other groups (e.g. OXFAM, Christian Aid, and Amnesty International) which in recent years have had small numbers and difficulty in maintaining their viability. By coming together as an umbrella group, we can achieve more.

Our main concerns so far have been fair trade (e.g. producing a guide to fair trade in and around Plymouth every year, and organising fair trade fashion shows). However, we have participated in a wide range of local and national events.

Please contact us for further information via the website.

Local Events
Fairtrade World Cup 2014
Posted: 01/03/2014